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Gentry Early Learning Academy

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 5:30 am - 6:30 pm
Infants - School age children accepted


185 Rebecca St. Gentry, AR 72734

Gentry's ABC (All 'Bout Chalk') Early Learning Academy provides high quality child care for infants and school age children.  Teachers and staff's instructional demeanor exudes warmth and caring which encourages positive interaction.  This beautiful 13,000 square foot modern structure houses 13 separate classrooms and an expansive outdoor children's play area that features highly inviting playground equipment along with a beautifully appointed children's play-house, an open grassy area and a meandering walk/ride pathway.

Gentry is a progressive city with an active plan for the future. The goal is to reduce urban sprawl and preserve the local historic structures which give Gentry its unique character. In keeping with the city’s design philosophy, an expansion for the city’s rapidly-growing public library grew into a project to not only provide the library with the necessary room, but also construct a community center, museum area and small park, all by renovating an historic structure at the town’s center. This unique project has provided modern facilities on the inside while preserving the building’s original facade.

Gentry is home of the Pioneers, the official mascot of the Gentry School District. The district is known for the quality of its education and modern facilities, with new primary school building, middle school building with a high school/middle school cafeteria, and baseball/softball complex. The district encompasses Highfill and a portion of Cherokee City. Competitive sports programs include football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, baseball, fast-pitch softball, track and soccer. School programs feature special classes for the gifted and talented student, advanced placement courses and an active arts program at all grade levels.

The school district provides strong support to community education and civic needs. For youth, the community features an active youth sports league, with football, basketball, baseball, softball and tee-ball teams. The Gentry City Park features basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, a walking trail, pavilions, and a playground. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy one of Gentry’s most unusual features – the Wild Wilderness Drive-Through Safari located north of town. This 400-acre park is home to a variety of exotic animals and consists of a 4-mile drive-through, petting parks and walk-through areas for interaction with the animals. Its owned and operated by the Wilmoth family of Gentry. And it is one of Gentry’s most popular attractions.


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